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Migraine headaches can stem from many different causes. Studies suggest that half the risk comes from family history so many sufferers can be predisposed right from childbirth. Skipping meals, caffeine withdrawal and alcohol consumption can all lead to migraines. The hardest to control and most common are changes in humidity, temperature and air pressure.

Anxiety and stress have also been known to set off migraines. A stressful time can be a trigger, but most common cases are known to occur after the stressful time is over and your body’s chemistry is going back to normal.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for migraine headaches. The good news is that I have been able to get my clients some relief. My go-to therapy for migraines is TP (trigger point) therapy. Assessment of the head, neck and shoulders are made and upon discovery light to medium pressure is applied to the TP until relief is felt. Reiki is another modality that I like to incorporate to relieve stress and anxiety and heal past traumas that can be held in the body on an emotional, physical or mental level.

What to Expect.

The client is mostly clothed except for the upper torso but covered at all times. Cold marble/stones are used near the trigeminal nerves and the occipital nerves. These two sets of nerves are known to cause migraine attacks if they become inflamed. Myofascial trigger points are used to relieve pressure in face and TP therapy on the rest of the head.

Please make sure that you don’t have a headache at the time of the appointment. Massage therapy is mostly used in the prevention of migraines and can actually exasperate the condition if you have a migraine during the massage.